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Our Instructors

May Ng BN – Instructor

It was through dancing that May was introduced to Pilates some 12 years ago. What started out as a de-stressing channel to strike work-life balance within the challenging work environment she was in, has evolved into a passion and life-long pursuit, thereby, she has danced competitively for 10 years. Pilates was the activity used to complement her competitive dance in which the Pilates technique emphasizes the strengthening the abdominal muscles in specific fashion to gain better movement control and balance.

Yearning to better understand use of muscles groups and how to integrate movements, May enrolled on the programme to become a certified Pilates instructor. This journey has opened her eyes and mind to the realization that when the body moves and functions efficiently, backaches or tightness in the shoulders, commonly accepted by many as part of daily life, can be prevented. 

To top the various health benefits of Pilates, having diagnosed with Grade 2 Spondylolisthesis with Lumbar4/5 joints misalignment, Pilates has enabled May with efficient movements and well manages the aches and burning pain from nerve impingement usually common for people with lumbar joints misalignment.  

Harnessing her dancing and Pilates abilities, May’s workout sessions embody movement, grace and fluidity in perfect harmony.

  • Pilates Certification in Comprehensive Studio Pilates by Polestar Pilates, USA
  • Bachelor of Business in Business Administration, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Train and coach DanceSport athletes in Pilates and body conditioning for SEA Games 2022

Goh Theng Theng – Instructor

Passionate to share her Pilates knowledge with everyone, amassing clients across ages.

​Theng Theng chanced upon Pilates in her pursuit to alleviate chronic lower back pain from a sedentary lifestyle. She discovered that Pilates did not only help with her back pain but also improved her posture, strength and flexibility. It also gave her renewed energy and a greater sense of well-being. As she experienced the transformation in her body, her love for Pilates grew. She decided to undergo an Instructor Training Programme under Romana’s Pilates and was certified by Cynthia Lochard.

Theng Theng is passionate to share her knowledge with clients to help them achieve their fitness goals and reap the same benefits that she did. She resonates with one of Joseph Pilates’ quotes: “Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

Karmen – Instructor

I love Pilates for it is a low impact yet challenging and fun exercise. It is suitable for anyone regardless of age. I see improvement in my flexibility, strength and balance after starting Pilates.  I came to be more aware of mind to body connection. That was when I decided to embark on my journey as a Pilates Instructor, so that I can share and guide others with the pieces I learnt. I hope to encourage others to move well and improve their posture.

Mei Yee – Instructor

I experienced first-hand how Pilates helped overcome my chronic back pain that started in my 30s. Since then, I have been a big fan and advocate of this movement. I will talk about the benefits and the beauty of Pilates to anyone who would listen; I love teaching Pilates in group classes, duet and private sessions. My clients appreciate how I am attentive to their individual needs and actively modify exercises based on each unique beautify body. I love how Pilates has the versatility to fit all fitness levels and body types. I am constantly awed by the beautiful movements everyone can make during sessions and walking out from my class feeling stronger, moving better, and most importantly had a ton of fun!

Winy – Instructor

Intriqued by working out with ‘weird but cool” looking Pilates equipments was Winy’s main reason attracted to Pilates about 18 years ago.

What started as an intriqued Client practicing Pilates has turned into interest of wanting to know more about Pilates – the History, Pilates Repertoires and how to move better for her own self.

Therefore upon recommendation of former colleague, Winy has enrolled Pilates Instructor Course with Polestar where she learned not only the above mentioned but far more knowledge and skills for instance anatomy, body assessment, class planning, how to move correctly with engagement of correct muscles, etc

Equipped with these knowledge which initially just wanted for my own benefits have evolved into passion to share Pilates with like minded people and move together.

Through Pilates, Winy has made alot of new friends and had tons and tons of FUN working out together with them.


  1. Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Equipment Instructor
    2 Carolyne Anthony’s Women’s Health and Exercise – Pre & Natal Pilates Specialist
    3.Jall Academy – Barre Instructor

Participated Workshops:
1.Franklin Method- The Fascial Spine: Organise your Dynamic Centre by Tom Waldron
2.Asia Pilates Submit 2024 by The Pilates Bodywork