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Our Equipment


A Traditional Reformer with resistance springs of different levels and straps allows you to adjust resistance to the carriage. Your body will be pushed and pulled along the frame by your own body weight and strength.


Studio Classes are open to clients who love a mixed variety. Experience different services such as Matwork on Barrel, Reformer Chair, Cadillac and even with props to increase weight loading. 

Mat With Props

A Matwork class consist of up to 36 movements developed by Joseph Pilates, beginning with The Hundreds, Roll Up, Rollover, Legs Circles, Swan Dives etc.


A Ladder Barrel guides your body through a wide range of Pilates-based movements. This is suitable for dancers.


Chair, frequently called “Wunda Chair” is known to be a very challenging apparatus because of its petite size. 2 to 4 springs can be added to produce different resistance for varying challenges and preferences.