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The Story Of Modern Pilates Redefining Asia

Welcome to Modern Pilates Singapore, our academy focuses on specialised exercise program, educating minds while strengthening body to the next level.

Established since 2003 in Korea, MPI has been championing the Pilates industry at the forefront, developing high quality modules and well recognised certification through clinically designed techniques for new learners and current clinicians or allied health professionals. Through a strict and disciplined structure, we create highly qualified trainers to harness and support general public from personal healthcare and rehabilitation to body management by improving balance and strength for daily avtivities.

“In 10 sessions you will feel better, in 20 you will look better, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.” Quoted from the Founder, Joseph Pilates

Pilates is the Complete Coordination of the Mind Body and Spirit

Joseph Pilates

Our Equipment


A Traditional Reformer with resistance springs of different levels and straps allows you to adjust resistance to the carriage. Your body will be pushed and pulled along the frame by your own body weight and strength.


Studio Classes are open to clients who love a mixed variety. Experience different services such as Matwork on Barrel, Reformer Chair, Cadillac and even with props to increase weight loading. 

Mat With Props

A Matwork class consist of up to 36 movements developed by Joseph Pilates, beginning with The Hundreds, Roll Up, Rollover, Legs Circles, Swan Dives etc.


A Ladder Barrel guides your body through a wide range of Pilates-based movements. This is suitable for dancers.


Chair, frequently called “Wunda Chair” is known to be a very challenging apparatus because of its petite size. 2 to 4 springs can be added to produce different resistance for varying challenges and preferences.

How to Join our Pilates Classes?

Now that you have decided to join our studio to pursue a better body, let us guide you how you should proceed from here.

Select a Group / Private / Duet Pilate Class

The first thing you need to decide is whether you would want to join a group or Private class. Private Class comes in Single Private or Duet Private Classes, whereas Group Classes has 3 to 5 participants in each class. The private classes allows the instructor to focus on your needs and providing structured lessons to accelerate your progression. This is especially if you wish to achieve a targeted result.

In a Group Class, enjoy the lesson with additional motivation from the fellow participants. Bring your friends to form a group, or find new friends from the class.

Purchase a Package

Choosing a right package will help you stretch your dollar spent. If you are not sure, always get a Group Trial Class for Group Lesson, or arrange for a Consultation session with our Instructor. Once you have decided to practice Pilates for longer term, our 20 sessions Packages give you the most value for your money. Click on the buy now button for the Group Packages, or Private and Duet Packages. If you have not registered with us, you will be prompted to register to complete the purchase.

Book a Lesson

After you have bought a package you will be able to book for a slot on the scheduled classes on our Menu / Classes and Bookings of this site. For Private / Duet Classes, simply go to Menu / Appointment and select the availability of our instructors.

Group Packages

Group Equipment Classes

Trial Classes*
351 monthOnly $35/Session
1 session60
10 sessions5003 months
20 sessions9006 months
*for new clients only

Valid for Group Combi, Group Reformer,
Group Barrel, Group Chair Classes

Private/Duet Packages

Private 1 to 1

Private 1-to-1 Sessions

SessionSenior InstructorValidityRemarks

Price per pax
Private Tirial*
(Single Session)
1 session140
5 sessions6801 month
10 sessions13003 months
*for new clients only

Private Duet

Private Duet Sessions

SessionSenior InstructorValidityRemarks
Price per pax
Private Tirial*
(Single Session)
$140 a pair
1 session$200 a pair
5 sessions$950 a pair1 month
10 sessions$1800 a pair3 months
*for new clients only

Contact Us

Our Address

72 Bendemeer Road #03-07, Luzerne Building, Singapore 339940 (Private and Group Classes Available)

20 Cecil Street #05-02, Plus, Singapore 049705 (Private Classes Only)